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The PrepTalk Approach: It's About Practice


It's about getting out of your head and your eyes off those notes that you think are all you need. It's about that delta between your brain and your mouth - what happens in between is where most of us need help. But it's also about doing that in a way that is customized to where you are on the path to becoming a great speaker.


There is no rinse and repeat content here. Sessions are customized to each speaker's level of experience, comfort and business goal. Whatever the situation, PrepTalk's commitment is to the individual. Sessions offer a mix of informative multimedia content, on-camera practice/review, and sensitive and directed coaching to ensure improvement.

About Kirsten Birkeland, President

Kirsten Birkeland is a sought-after corporate trainer who has designed and facilitated trainings for companies around the globe, including Nike, Microsoft, TMobile, Glaxo Smith-Kline, Novartis, AMD and others. Kirsten has helped TEDTalk speakers deliver inspiring, impactful talks, as well as helping senior executives, teams and professionals better communicate their messages across a range of industries.  In addition to delivering a range of PrepTalk workshops, Kirsten also creates custom training programs for small and large companies, facilitates meetings for corporate initiatives, and coaches new business/VC pitch teams to success.

Kirsten brings to every training more than 20 years experience as a communications strategist, corporate spokesperson and executive trainer. Beginning her career as a journalist taught her the art of storytelling and prepared her for a move to the world of public relations where she crafted narratives and acted as a spokesperson and communications strategist for public and private organizations alike. Her work shaping spokespeople along the way led her to a career as a corporate trainer, with extensive study in the fields of adult learning theory, instructional design and corporate training. After coaching thousands of senior leaders, corporate executives, large teams and individuals for a range of communications scenarios, Kirsten has learned that it is vital to start with respect for the individual and his or her unique skills and approach.

"Kirsten is an incredibly adept trainer who brings insight, honesty and humor..."

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