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"...A nurturing environment in which to learn."
During the Covid-19 period, PrepTalk is delivering all training via live remote sessions

Spokesperson Survival

This is not your standard media training. While of course you'll learn effective techniques for handling media interviews, answering tough questions and staying on message, you'll also stretch your speaking skills well outside of your comfort zone through intensive and challenging scenarios.

Presentation Polish & Shine

Savvy speakers and "Nervous Nellies" have one thing in common: They can all use some guided practice to get to the next level. Offerings range from 101 to advanced sessions for teams or groups, to personalized coaching for beginners and experts alike. Speech preparation includes assistance with speech writing, theme development and help improving materials.

Pitch Perfect Business Speak

Preparing for important meetings is more than just finalizing your content. It's about influence - and whether it's a critical business pitch, or important meeting, the way you deliver that content is key to your ability to influence your stakeholders. Offerings range from one-time rehearsals to intensive business pitch programs for large and small teams.

Owning The Conversation

Learn techniques to handle challenging conversations, including how to address tough questions, keep the discussion on track and how to keep the upper hand in the conversation.  These programs are helpful for those seeking to more powerfully influence clients and colleagues, and make their presence known through confident and clear communications.

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