The Big Speech: Conferences, TED Talks, and Important Speeches


Big speeches are a big deal. Whether you are scheduled for an important keynote at a conference, speak and answer questions on a panel, or even give a TED talk, PREP is one thing you should absolutely be thinking about.


Everyone's needs are different, of course. Some very polished speakers might want help drumming up a bit more inspiration in their tone; technical experts want to fold in content that's really going to get their audience engaged. Others have no idea where to begin and need help from the earliest stages of speechwriting.


BigTalkPREP comes in whatever form it's needed, but the most common programs are:

  1. BigPOLISH: A strategic rehearsal program designed to fine-tune your nearly finished content in synch with seriously excellent delivery.

  2. BigCONTENT: A program designed to refine and shape your content in a way that touches hearts and minds, engages the audience and ensures you deliver a clear and compelling message, with the great dellivery outlined in the POLISH rehearsal program.

  3. BigBUILD: We partner with a fantastic speechwriter to construct and form your ideas into cohesive and digestible speech elements, then shape, refine and rehearse as spelled out in the CONTENT and POLISH programs above.


TED Talks:

TED talks are a unique and inspiring opportunity you will want to make the most of. In some organizations, my coaching is offered gratis and for others it is a paid program. In either situation, you will get the strongest speech support. Past TED talk participants include:


Zalika Gardner - TEDxPortland's Most Eloquent Speaker - "Listening Differently"

"KB took me from "kind of" having an idea of what I wanted to say, to having the courage to put my heart and soul into the most terrifying thing I had done to date.  I have always believed that words matter.  KB's coaching helped me make every single one of my words count!"


G. Doug Bundy, TEDx Portland 2015 "The World Needs More Kid Made Things"


Laura Veirs & Tucker Martine, TEDx Mt. Hood 2015 "Blood Sweat and Ears: Musical Pathways"


David Edelstein, TEDx OSU 2015 "Banks Will Follow The Path of Payphones"


Emily Calendrelli, TEDx OSU 2015 "I Don't Do Math"


Matthew Kaiser, TEDx OSU 2015 "Is Humanity Ready For An Upgrade?"