Become the Speaker You Want to Be

We have a strong belief that communication is a uniquely personal thing.

We help people find a way to communicate not just well, but authentically.

Heather Flynn

"Kirsten was instrumental in helping me prepare for a conference presentation. She really shaped my presentation - both the visual presentation and how I delivered it."



Caroline Sanderson
Waggener Edstrom

​"I called Kirsten to help prep my team for a significant new business pitch, utilizing her as both a team and individual coach. This was the first time I had brought in a presentation coach and was unsure how the team would react. Post-pitch, every team member told me how much more confident they felt going into the BIG PRESENTATION. As a team leader, I saw every person improve, and everyone agreed that Kirsten was an integral part of our success."

Corey duBrowa

"Kirsten knows how to get the best out of a speaker - whether it is in a business meeting, media interview or keynote speech."

Matt Reid
Sard Verbinnen

"Kirsten is an amazing media trainer and presentation coach. I've watched her work one-to-one to help people make amazing strides in their presentations skills, and have also experienced her work bringing together seemingly disparate multi-person presentations into cohesive, focused and powerful narratives. She brings the exact right balance of skills - content knowledge, coaching and motivation skills - that you want and need from a presentation trainer."


Julie Ginn, Marketing
Navex Global

"The most definitive moments of payoff were after Kirsten worked with me on specific upcoming presentations. Her ability to help me find more powerful words, streamline my ideas more effectively, build stories with strong imagery, and communicate the final presentation in a dynamic style made a big impact."

Janet Sousa
Ogilvy Public Relations

​"I was amazed at the vast improvement not only in my presentation skills but in my communications skills. Kirsten has a tremendous ability to help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and work with you to devise a training program that yields actual results. In just three brief sessions, I felt more confident speaking in front of others and able to do so with an authoritative voice."