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Who Benefits

"...Can't wait to implement the skills I've learned!"

Well, call me biased but I believe training can benefit anyone: Seriously savvy spokespeople get help identifying their blind spots, while those battling nerves walk away with clear techniques to increase their confidence. Whatever your background, training is personalized to your skill level which means you have a safe place in which to stretch and grow skills that will serve you well in any situation.

Experienced Speakers

You are probably a master at client meetings, media interviews or speeches. You rarely feel nervous. You know your content inside and out.  You also have little sense of exactly what it is you are doing right. You may have no desire to hear what you are doing wrong. Now is the time to look at yourself through an objective lens and find out just how good you are.

Nervous Wrecks

Public speaking is scary. You may have heard it's one of the top fears the average person has. There are lots of reasons for this but just know you are not alone. I've had clients literally losing their lunch at the thought of speaking in front of people, and others who, despite doing a lot of speaking, still want to evict those butterflies. Part of what we'll do together is create a safe place to learn about the sources of those nerves and how to conquer them.


Teams are great because they bring together different skill sets toward a common goal. Those different skills also mean different communications styles - and it's a wonderful thing to get a team singing from the same song sheet in a way that also honors everyone's unique approach and strengths. Teams facing big business pitches, client meetings or tradeshow events can increase their influence through fun and intensive training sessions.

Content Experts

Engineers, doctors, innovators. You know your stuff like nobody else - but you notice that blank stare that overcomes your audiences. It's easy to think that they just don't get it but it's just as easy for you to find ways to make sure they do. It's a long, strange trip from the brain to the mouth - and intensive practice and challenging exercises give you the skills you need to ensure you are having the type of influence you want to have.

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